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We know the power of video and media to transform and inspire.

The team at Big Voice Pictures produce quality, cutting edge documentaries, video productions and media. As leaders in high impact educational distribution and theatrical release strategies for independent documentaries and feature films, we bring powerful stories to communities across the globe. As social change advocates, we are passionate about creating dynamic media engagement and outreach campaigns for raising awareness, motivating change, and offering hope and solutions.

What we do

Production + Project Development

As producers of social issue independent documentaries and videos, we work with leading production crews to bring real stories to life.

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Media and Documentary Outreach Campaign platforms


As marketing and distribution strategists for independent theatrical feature films, documentaries, and videos, we take projects through multi-distribution channels. including: educational theatrical, ancillary, home video, and internet distribution.

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Social Outreach Campaigns

We believe in the power of utilizing films and media to forge social change and to inspire audiences. As outreach and audience engagement strategists, we create dynamic grassroots and community campaigns by launching screenings, panel discussions, and key note speaking engagements.

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Featured Projects


"A powerful piece of filmmaking... an inspiration!"
Rex Reed, New York Observer
"An exciting thriller."
Pete Hammond, Movieline
"Driven by courage, love, suspense, and sacrifice."
Shaina Moskowitz, Examiner
Awards for Walking with the Enemy
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Boys and Men Healing from childhood sexual abuse
"Has the potential to transform."
Jim Hopper, Ph.D,
"Beautifully filmed."
Chrys Ballerano, NYS Coalition Against Sexual Assault
"Emotionally Powerful"
Matthew Mendel, Ph.D, Psychologist and Author
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