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Archive / August, 2014

Bristlecone Project: Portraits of Men Sexually Abused as Boys

We will send a message: We were wounded. Now we thrive. We are your neighbors, your fathers, and your sons.     In the last of our summer series on self-care and thriving, we’re grateful for this week’s feature interview with David Lisak as he shares his beautiful and profound photo project, The Bristelcone Project. Bristlecone […]

The Stories We Tell: Testimonial Writing Led By the Very Best

Guest Post by Roger A. Canaff Legal Expert, Anti-Violence & Child Protection Advocate August 13, 2014    Healing can, thankfully, take many forms over a long and perhaps perpetual journey. The trick, I think, is to embrace the ride as something more joyful in its own right rather than a task. Thriving is what then […]

1in6 Webinar Commercial Sexploitation of Men Pt 1

1in6 2015 Webinar Discussion Series: Part I — Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys and Men January 22, 2-15 @10am-11:30 am Join us for Part I of our 2015 Webinar Discussion Series. 1in6 and partner organization, Peace Over Violence and the Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention Advisory Council (CSAP) will host a virtual webinar discussion to build awareness and encourage trauma-informed […]