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Archive / November, 2014

The Heart of Healing-Thoughts from a Survivor Therapist

One way we continue outreach for our documentary, Boys and Men Healing from childhood sexual abuse, is to engage our audience by offering blogs written by leaders in the field related to the film’s topic. Today, we welcome our guest blogger, Mikele Rauch.  Since 1983, Mikele Rauch has worked with men and women survivors of […]

Steps to Planning your Documentary, Video and Media Outreach Campaign

Videos, photographs, documentaries, art, music, and books hold powerful messages having the potential to aid in transforming individuals and communities. Yet, to influence audiences, creators — filmmakers, photographers, artists, authors, organizations, non-profits, activists, and cause marketers — need to go beyond just creating projects. To make an impact through media, it’s essential to develop powerful, […]