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Archive / April, 2015

Key Elements of Advocacy Filmmaking

Some of our work at Big Voice Pictures has been focused on producing films that motivate dialog about challenging social issues, and organizing outreach efforts to create change in communities for the well-being of children, families and communities.¬† To meet these ends, our productions incorporate a special style of filmmaking — what I call advocacy […]

How to Control Emotional Triggers

Emotional triggers can be intense. They’re like hidden pipe bombs in the minefields of our emotional lives, or like snipers hiding out in the shadows of our subconscious. With all our efforts in to heal, live virtuous lives, and to forgive those who harmed us, one snide comment, a disrespectful remark, a glance, a smell, […]

A MaleSurvivor’s Journey to Understanding His Sexuality

¬† We welcome Tom, our guest blogger today, who courageously writes about an issue common to many men sexually abused in childhood — the challenging journey healing from childhood sexual abuse in light of ¬†sexuality and intimate relationships. Tom has helped Big Voice Pictures in the past with transcribing many of our videos interviews. We’re […]