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Archive / January, 2016

male survivor of abuse

A Male Survivor of Abuse and Neglect: A Creative Voice Speaks Truth

A Book Review Iron Man Family Outing : Poems About Transition Into A More Conscious Manhood by Rick Beldon Creativity often means taking a courageous journey into dark places of painful emotions and memories. It’s not an easy path to take, but for those who do, they return from the depths with vital messages about […]

revictimization of abuse

When Abuse Re-Enters Your Life Keep Walking

We hope you enjoyed the holiday and are looking forward to 2016! As part of our continued outreach for our films about men and women healing from childhood sexual abuse, we welcome our regular contributor, Stephanie March, as she shares the valuable insights about a difficult subject faced by many survivors– being re-victimized. This can […]

Consider what you value most when goal-planning 2

Value Centered Goals for 2016

I’m not sure if you feel the same way, but I’ve been overwhelmed and annoyed by all the recent blogs on gung-ho goal-setting for 2016.  My instincts say to first ponder what’s most important in our lives before jumping into creating goals for the new year ahead. Family time, a peaceful home life, creativity, stability, […]