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clergy abuse

A Cardinal Who Promised Many Changes: A Child Abuser?

  Mark Crawford is a clergy abuse survivor featured in our documentary, Boys and Men Healing. In the film he discusses how he met with Cardinal McCarrick several times after he had experienced horrific sexual abuse by a priest in New Jersey as a young teenager. (Due to the statute of limitations, the priest was never […]

Courage Conference – Abuse in the Church?

HAVE YOU OR A LOVED ONE BEEN IMPACTED BY ABUSE? ARE YOU A PASTOR OR LEADER IN THE CHURCH OR CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY?  …for the last five years, child sexual abuse has been the number one reason Churches or Religious Organizations have ended up in court. The Church is often the first place victims of abuse […] Online Support Line

Available now 24/7 1in6 has partnered with RAINN to offer our ‘Online SupportLine’ for men and for people who care about them, who are seeking immediate information and resources related to unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood. What services does the Online SupportLine provide? Crisis intervention and support Answers to your questions about recovering […]

male survivor of sexual abuse

I Made Healing from Abuse My Priority

We’re so grateful for our guest post this week by T. Christopher Crandall who was featured in the male survivor support group in our documentary, Boys and Men Healing. We’re so proud of T. Christopher, his commitment to healing and all his subsequent successes! He is a returning undergraduate student in the Department of Sociology […]

Taking Back Ourselves- Women’s Recovery Weekend

TakingBackOurselves Weekend of Recovery For Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse October 21-23, 2016, Los Gatos, California In April, 2015 at the Hope Springs Institute, an unlikely place of refuge in the middle of rural Ohio, women survivors of sexual abuse participated in the second TakingBackOurselves Weekend of Recovery. Over the past two years, women […]

Q & A with a Clergy Abuse Survivor and Leading Advocate

Welcome our guest Mark Crawford, a survivor of clergy abuse, a leading advocate for survivors of sexual abuse and the New Jersey State Director of SNAP. Mark was featured in our film Boys and Men Healing from childhood sexual abuse, and today shares valuable insights supporting survivors, and what we need to consider next regarding […]


Boys and Men Healing Screenings April 2016:   Pacific University TBA   Boise State University,Victim Rights Week: April 21 6:45-8:30p, Student Union Building, Lookout Room

Healing the Whole Body for Abuse and Trauma Survivors

Far too often healing the  body is is the last consideration when healing from abuse and trauma. Today, as part of our continued outreach for our films Boys and Men Healing and The Healing Years, we’re grateful for this insightful guest blog by Don St. John, Ph.D., a somatic-relational psychotherapist and Continuum Movement teacher and […]

Healing From Trauma is Possible

In our continued outreach for our films Boys and Men Healing from childhood sexual abuse and The Healing Years, we invite leaders in the field to share new insights on healing from trauma and childhood sexual abuse. We’re honored today to share a Q & A with Gretchen Schmelzer, PhD, a licensed psychologist trained as […]