Interest Around the Globe about Boyhood Child Sexual Abuse

In just two months since the film’s completion, organizations from Norway, Cambodia, England, Australia and many from the United States are utilizing Boys and Men Healing. This includes crisis centers, prevention leaders, law enforcement, universities, male survivors, and allies in healing.

We were reflecting on the fact that the screening for Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, hosted by the US Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women, was part of a special event category, ‘Focus on Boys and Men’. We are hopeful this is an indication that more attention will be given toward the issue of boyhood child sexual abuse in the decade ahead.

Boys and Men Healing documentary will continue to make ripples, and we hope some waves, in educating and encouraging organizations to offer much needed resources to men and boys sexually abused in childhood, and inspiring male adolescents and men who experienced boyhood child sexual abuse to heal and speak out. Films are a powerful tools for education, and we’re grateful to be a part in the efforts of those on the front lines. We must all remember we have a responsibility for protecting children, and hope the film will ultimately remind many of the utter need for all of us, throughout the world, to do all we can to do so.

As Eileen King, Regional Director, Justice for Children/Washington DC, says, Boys and Men Healing will have a profound effect on the ears that are still closed to the message we must hear, care, act and protect, especially when the voice is quiet and small. We hope the film will continue to reach all corners of the globe and make a difference!

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