Reflections on Canadian Premiere Boys and Men Healing

The screening on June 15th in Ottawa was VERY successful. My estimate is that there were at least 250 people there, a showing that frankly amazed me. This was a Tuesday night in a fairly small city, and let’s face it, this is not a movie you take your date to. The film received a raucous ovation when it ended, and there were so many questions following the film that Rick Goodwin finally had to cut it off because we had to vacate the room. The screening was held in a beautiful theater in a Canadian government building, and the audiovisual was perfect.

There was also good publicity before the event. I was interviewed by the Ottawa Citizen and they published an article Tuesday morning, and then Rick and I were interviewed together on the CBC Radio afternoon show. As a lead in to that interview they played a clip from the film.

All in all, it was a great success. One viewer, a very honest, even blunt man, was shaken by the film. He could say little afterward, but he said simply, “That film is going to affect a lot of people.”

One thing I learned from this screening: Not surprisingly, there are going to be many survivors attending these screenings, and if one of us is present to answer questions, we are going to get many public as well as private disclosures. It’s important to have available a list of both local and national resources that these survivors can take with them when they leave.

So, it was a great success Kathy. It’s another verdict from the ultimate critics: It’s a great film.

David Lisak, Ph.D.

Forensic Consulting

Department of Psychology

U. of Massachusetts Boston

From Rick Goodwin, Executive Director, Men’s Project:

Our public event to show Boys and Men Healing was a brilliant success! Over 200 showed up for the event (a great number for a topic nobody wants to talk about!), along with a presentation and “q and a” about the film’s many themes. It was a powerful evening of courage and hope and resiliency – all powerful themes in the film. The audience was a mix of men and women, gay and straight, survivors and service providers, clients of our agency and community members. All came together due to the film’s sense of inclusion and compassion. Boys and Men Healing is a “must have” for community engagements, public education, and building places of support and healing for men.


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