A heartfelt response

I finally got around to watching an extended preview clip for Boys and Men Healing yesterday, and I must say that I was very, very moved….As I watched the preview clip, I felt awed and humbled by the strength, courage, integrity, and dignity demonstrated by the men who spoke and shared their stories with the filmmaker in the service of healing themselves and others. So many men feel so terribly alone with these wounds. Men and boys who’ve been injured in this way need to know that they are not alone and that healing is possible. I hope this film moves us all one step closer to a world in which sexual violation of boys and men is no longer tolerated and those who’ve been violated have ready access to the resources they need for healing, and feel safe enough to seek those resources out.

Rick Belden, author of Iron Man Family Outing/Poems about transition into a More conscious Manhood www.rickbelden.com


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