My Name Is..Supporting Survivors of Abuse in having a Big Voice

Chistopher de Serres is a leader, and survivor of boyhood child sexual abuse, who is a force in helping men and women sexually abused as children speak out. He’s now encouraging survivors to make a short video similar to his touching story, My Name is Chris. Chris says, “I have been silent about my abuse for over 2 decades and this video is my admission that it has affected almost everything about me. I wanted that happy childhood dream. But I finally knew that there was nothing I could do to take my childhood back, to wipe away the abuse. I couldn’t even pretend anymore that the abuse didn’t exist. There are millions of survivors out there who want to tell their stories. Yet, we feel isolated and unable to express the deepest pain in our lives. The My Name Is Project is there to provide a survivor a way to express it.”

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