News Coverage of Kawartha Sexual Assault Crisis Center event: Boys and Men Healing film screening

I regret I couldn’t be present at the screening on April 11th at the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre’s film screening of Boys and Men Healing and a panel discussion following. With a full schedule of screenings throughout the US and now in England, I’m grateful to Jim Austin, the team at Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre, and supporters, who have taken the initiative to make this event possible.

When I completed the film, my dream was to work collaboratively with such organizations and individuals throughout the world in order to utilize Boys and Men Healing to break cycles of silence and denial by educating about the issue and to create ways for male survivors of child sexual abuse to feel safe to speak out and begin healing. Also, my hope has been that the film will inspire service providers and advocates to begin to provide much needed support services and resources in communities specifically for the special needs of men and boys sexually abused in childhood. Some of this dream is becoming a reality thanks to the hearts and minds of all are stepping up to the plate to be part of creating change. To date, the film is now in Spain, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Ireland, Scotland, England, Argentina, Scotland, a premiere in Ottawa, and tonight, here in Ontario! The ripple effect begins one community at a time!

Cinema today is a vehicle for telling stories that not only inform, but also transform. Documentaries, in particular, are utilized today for social transformation, truth telling, public policy, advocacy, and education and prevention, while, in this case, allowing a well-deserved platform where those once victimized can become powerful voices and leaders to motivate change. The men in the film are doing this, and the film is the vehicle. And all of you are the hands and feet that will go on to create support systems, or become compassionate advocates for change.

Former Miss America and incest survivor, Marilyn Van Derbur, who was featured in our earlier film, says “Bloom Where you’re Planted”! Thank you again to all of you, I’m deeply touched by all the individuals who took the initiative to bring this screening to Ottawa.


Producer/Director, Boys and Men Healing

Big Voice Pictures

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