A Community Blooms where they’re planted

These are ways a community can utilize the power of film to join together to educate and reach out to survivors of sexual abuse!

Written by, TJ Mohl, KCC Counselor

On the evening of March 21, Kellogg Community College was host to the first regional screening of “Boy and Men Healing”; a film that emphasizes the need to break the silence on the sexual abuse of youth and adult males.

It is estimated that 175 were in attendance at the event. The local promotion of this film began with Mary Asmonga-Knapp who is working with the producer of the film, Simon Weinberg, to promote a conversation on male sexual assault in Southwestern Michigan. Ms Asmonga- Knapp is from the Family Advocacy Program at the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center. In collaboration with Ms. Asmonga- Knapp, Joyce Siegel, Sexual Assault Services and TJ Mohl, KCC Counselor and Advisor to the Healthy Choices Leadership Organization planned the promotion and facilitation of the screening. Sexual Assault Services were key players in the evening, presenting free literature and resources at the welcome table. SAS therapist Mark Scheffers, LMSW, was an excellent moderator as he asked the audience to prepare for the Q&A time after the film even before the screening began. It is the goal of SAS, with the support of local counseling agencies, to begin a support group for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Also welcoming guests was Tammy Phillips, KCC student and President of Healthy Choices Leadership Organization. Tammy is always encouraging students across campus, last night she was a warm and welcoming presence to all who attend. Thank you everyone who participated in presenting “Boys and Men Healing” to Battle Creek and our beautiful campus. A special thanks to all the students who attended; you can lead the conversation. Aproximately 30 Victim Advocates attended the event to speak with attendees during and after the showing.


Written by:

Mary Asmonga-Knapp, LMSW, ACSW

Family Advocacy Program Manger

Deployment and Reintegration Support Defense Logistics Agency Installation Support

Battle Creek, MI.

The Battle Creek screening of “Boys and Men” at Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek was received with insight, depth of thought and compassion by the 175 guests attending. Sexual Assault Services of Calhoun County provided a T-Shirt Display by victims and 3 Rows of Victim Advocates to assist anyone who needed to talk. Literature and contact information were provided to all who attended. “Boys and Men” touches the heart of everyone who experiences the narratives of the brave men in the documentary. This film creates an expanded heart and we join the healing journey of those who spent so many years in silence and hiding. To hear them speak their stories of freedom is liberating ! This film speaks to victims everywhere; victims of family violence, sexual assault, child abuse, for those of us who have experienced soul tearing trauma as children and adults. These men give us not only their hearts and souls, they give us COURAGE! Thank you for the gift of this healing film!

Mary Asmonga-Knapp, LMSW, ACSW

Family Advocacy Program Manager

Bloom where you’re planted!

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