MaleSurvivor’s Dare to Dream Program brought Message of Hope and Healing to Penn State University

We had a great team at Penn State in April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month for two screenings of Boys and Men Healing along with panel discussions. The events were part of MaleSurvivor’s ongoing Dare to Dream efforts nationwide to support male survivors of child sexual abuse in healing and speaking out, and raising awareness about this important issue. MaleSurvivor is a leading organization providing useful information to promote health, discussion and connections for male survivors of sexual abuse and those who support them.

MaleSurvivor Vice President Chris Anderson sums up the message of the event, “This story isn’t about Sandusky. This story is about what can we do to help the victims come through what is a very, very traumatic, difficult experience. The entire Penn State community faces a long road to recovery but is working to be turn to Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal into an opportunity to be an institution leader in abuse prevention.”

Further, Mark Crawford, profiled in the documentary about his abuse by a priest, and his own healing and and his tenacious efforts to change important laws to support survivors said, “It is so difficult for young adults to step forward and say that happened to me,” said Crawford. “That will only happen they feel safe, when they know that the community will not blame them, but put the blame where it belongs– on the adult, the predator who really betrayed a trust and has done far more damage.”

Our panel of speakers included: Simon Weinberg, Co-Producer of Boys and Men Healing, Mark Crawford, survivor and MaleSurvivor Advisory Board member also featured in the film, Founding Board Members of MaleSurvivor and current Advisory Board members, Jim Struve LCSW and Howard Fradkin, Ph.D,, and Chris Anderson, survivor and Vice President of MaleSurvivor.

Dennis Heitzmann, Ph.D. Senior Director, Center for Counseling and Psychological Services Affiliate Professor, Clinical and Counseling Psychology with Penn State sums up his experience of the event, “I know it was no small feat to bring all of you to our community from across the country, but I trust that you are able to appreciate the value your visit had for us. It is a fine team, delivering a critically important message, and I hope that you are able to continue to share it more broadly. I’m happy to share these and other positive comments with other campuses and organizations which would profit (indeed, who wouldn’t profit!) from your efforts…we need more guys like you (and women like your wife) with the vision and skills to make a difference in our society.”


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