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Vertigo, by Roger Canaff

We found this article “Vertigo” by anti-violence advocate, child-protection specialist and legal expert, Roger Canaff, to be a moving analogy of the experience of child sexual abuse, and very helpful in raising awareness about the effects of sexual abuse on individual survivors. “..vertigo is more than physical. In a broad sense it can be emotional, […]

International Days: Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence

September 18 and 19, 2010 was the first annual International Days: Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence. The motto for the days and the group is: SOLIDARITY! NOT SOLITUDE!
Numerous group and personal activities organised around the world to underline, recognize and acknowledge the plight, the healing and numerous issues regarding Male Survivors.
The Council […]

A heartfelt response

I finally got around to watching an extended preview clip for Boys and Men Healing yesterday, and I must say that I was very, very moved….As I watched the preview clip, I felt awed and humbled by the strength, courage, integrity, and dignity demonstrated by the men who spoke and shared their stories with the […]

Reflections on Canadian Premiere Boys and Men Healing

The screening on June 15th in Ottawa was VERY successful. My estimate is that there were at least 250 people there, a showing that frankly amazed me. This was a Tuesday night in a fairly small city, and let’s face it, this is not a movie you take your date to. The film received a […]

Interest Around the Globe about Boyhood Child Sexual Abuse

In just two months since the film’s completion, organizations from Norway, Cambodia, England, Australia and many from the United States are utilizing Boys and Men Healing. This includes crisis centers, prevention leaders, law enforcement, universities, male survivors, and allies in healing. We were reflecting on the fact that the screening for Sexual Assault Awareness Month […]

Reflections on recent screenings

We have been recovering from a long-winded editing process, but grateful for all the support we received to finish the film. We finished the film 5 days before the International MaleSurvivor conference, editing sometimes until wee hours in the morning for many weeks. So now looking forward to baking bread and planting my garden, too! […]