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Producing a quality video project and documentary is an enormous undertaking, requiring skills in concept development, production, writing, production management and editing.   Do you have an idea, but you’re overwhelmed or not sure where to go next?  We can help you in the pre-production phase of your project, shaping and developing your idea, budgeting and getting you moving in the right direction toward hiring professional production teams and beginning production.

Or, if you just need some basic help with developing your idea, or with during various aspects of development, production, distribution and outreach, schedule a consultation. We can help you with:

Concept Development



Production Planning


Hiring Production Crews

Structuring Editing 


Fundraising ideas

Outreach Strategies


Educational and Theatrical Distribution

The first 20 minutes are free.  We offer 30 and 60 minute consultations. If you wand to hire us on a project basis, please email

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