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Social Outreach Campaigns

Social Outreach

Outreach, Social action, and Engagement Campaign Strategies

Big Voice Pictures knows the power of films for social change and advocacy. We engage in projects that bring individuals, the community, and larger culture together to make our world a better place.

We create effective and dynamic grassroots and international outreach strategies and engagement campaigns for your film, media or book project. Each campaign is designed to raise awareness for your issue and create sustainable social change. We can provide basic strategy development, and implement both partial and full campaigns. Additionally, Big Voice Pictures offers consulting for any stage of your project.

We know the power of bringing together key influencers and organizations to help reach a broad audience, inspiring communities to create grassroots movements, participate in social change, and inspire hope and action.We have a proven track record with engagement campaigns and community screening events for our own independent documentaries screened with panel discussions in hundreds of communities, theaters universities, and venues worldwide.


Campaign Strategies include:

  • University, Community and Film Festival Screenings
  • Cause-driven theatrical events
  • Cause-related Book Tours
  • Organizing international panel discussions
  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Key Note Speaking
  • Creating Discussion Guides
  • Internet Publicity and Radio/TV Coverage
  • Public Television partnerships


Big Voice Pictures’ documentary, Boys and Men Healing has been screened worldwide with panel discussion at leading child abuse prevention and family violence conferences, and hundreds of universities.

For more information about Boys and Men Healing Outreach and Hosting a Screening email