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Healing the Whole Body for Abuse and Trauma Survivors

Far too often healing the ¬†body is is the last consideration when healing from abuse and trauma. Today, as part of our continued outreach for our films Boys and Men Healing and The Healing Years, we’re grateful for this insightful guest blog by Don St. John, Ph.D., a somatic-relational psychotherapist and Continuum Movement teacher and […]

Voices on Healing from Male Survivors

  This summer we’ll be posting some words from friends we’ve been fortunate to meet along the way while producing Boys and Men Healing. They don’t minimize the tremendous pain they faced from being sexually abused as boys, yet their words reveal the hope and triumph that comes with healing. Each man has reclaimed their […]

Vertigo, by Roger Canaff

We found this article “Vertigo” by anti-violence advocate, child-protection specialist and legal expert, Roger Canaff, to be a moving analogy of the experience of child sexual abuse, and very helpful in raising awareness about the effects of sexual abuse on individual survivors. “..vertigo is more than physical. In a broad sense it can be emotional, […]